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Linyi Wanda R&D Department was established on November 21, 2017.Our office is located in the beautiful East Bank of Yihe River, Guihe Jinshang CBD. Our R&D department is adjacent to the prosperous Wuyue New Town in Hedong District in the West and the government building in Hedong District in the south. The environment is elegant and the location is superior. It is an excellent place to study the wear-resistant parts of crusher.Wanda R&D Department has several highly educated talents,Researchers specialize in the research and experiment of wear-resistant fittings, and have made outstanding contributions to the innovation of technological formula of wear-resistant hammers.Our company adheres to the spirit of "not reaching the goal, not giving up",Vigorously support R&D departments to innovate and strive for progress,It enables Linyi Wanda R&D staff to concentrate on research work and has launched many representative products.For example, the wear-resistant hammer of wood flour mill studied by our unit can exceed the ordinary hammer 20 times, which is welcomed by many manufacturers. The durability of punching screen and sieve plate studied by our unit is 40 times that of ordinary sieve. Linyi Wanda R&D, prove everything with strength!
堆焊碳化钨锤片 耐磨度超过喷焊碳化钨锤片4-6倍。
Surfacing tungsten carbide hammer ,Abrasion resistance of spray welded tungsten carbide hammer is 4-6 times higher than that of spray welded tungsten carbide hammer
Spray-welded tungsten carbide hammer, wear resistance is 5 times higher than ordinary hammer.Applicable to distributors for sale。
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