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售前服务: 1、提供电话指导咨询、技术指导,协助客户做好工程规划和系统需求分析。 2、200公里内上门服务(量定尺寸)。 售后服务: 1、100公里内4天送货上门,条件允许1-2天内送货到厂。 2、超过200公里5天内发货。 3、技术指导(送货、安装、调试)。 4、7×24小时服务。

直达主站 Direct to main station

Pre-sale service:
1. Provide telephone guidance consultation and technical guidance to assist customers in engineering planning and system requirements analysis.
2. Door-to-door service within 200 kilometers (measuring and sizing).

After-sale service:
1. Delivery within 4 days within 100 km. Delivery will be delivered to the factory within 1-2 days if conditions permit.
2. Delivery within 5 days over 200 km.
3. Technical guidance (delivery, installation and commissioning).
4,7 x 24 hours service.
堆焊碳化钨锤片 耐磨度超过喷焊碳化钨锤片4-6倍。
Surfacing tungsten carbide hammer ,Abrasion resistance of spray welded tungsten carbide hammer is 4-6 times higher than that of spray welded tungsten carbide hammer
Spray-welded tungsten carbide hammer, wear resistance is 5 times higher than ordinary hammer.Applicable to distributors for sale。
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